An independent publication about the future of work, alternative assets, useful skills and living an intentional life - Created by Benjamin Spring.

I work in Marketing at a growing fintech, I've freelanced, I launched online businesses, am I am interested and involved in the creator economy, finance and crypto, the future of work and indiehacking groups.

Why The Sideway?

First, I believe it's a good domain and brand. But more seriously, I feel that I took and continue taking alternative paths in my life, Side Ways.

My journey made me realise the importance of this alternative paths, skills, income and assets.

Coming from an accounting background, I slowly transitioned out of a dead-end career to one that is more fulfilling, creative and with higher potential.

I feel lucky and grateful to have been able to pivot early in my career. And today I feel more fulfilled intellectually and creatively.

Why do I write?

I write first and foremost for myself. I want to document my journey, clarify my thinking, capture my learnings and key frameworks and remind myself of what I've learned already.

This website is my live, independent publication retracing my pasts, my current thoughts and exploring the future as an independent, multi-passionnate solopreneur.

How to browse through this website?

I really like two ideas:

This blog won't be a blog. The essays are live and might be updated or improved as I learn new things or change my mind 180°.

I'll try not to write for promotion but for exploration and sharing in public.

This website will host free and paid content detailing my investments, business I launched, trends to ride, acquisitions, books as well as other topic I might find interesting.

Thank you for being here.

- Benjamin